Business Segments Hard Disk Drive

There are a number of factors that made digital storage as one of our key focuses. Firstly, the HDD market has been growing with the usage of shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology and helium drives that enhances gigabyte storage capacity. Secondly, the data universe continues to grow at double-digit growth rate making HDD devices still relevant due to its economic bulk storage capacity. Though With the ever-changing landscape, the group is keen in exploring other growing industries and services for opportunities as well.

Business Segments Engineered Products

One of our engineered products are components for SLR cameras. SLR cameras are commonly used nowadays, be it by professional or leisure photographers due to its affordability and special effects. Hence, it was a natural thing for us to tap into this growing industry. Examples of SLR camera components developed by us are cam barrel, inner cam barrels, lens mounting ring and internal camera parts. Aerospace business is currently being pursued by the AS9100 certifications and opportunities for high precision aerospace components manufacture. The Consumer Electronics business where precision metal parts are sought after will be addition to the Group’s business.

Business Segments Automotive

In the automotive sector, we’re very much focused on Electronic Braking System (EBS) components. Demand is constantly high, due to the need for multiple hydraulic parts required per EBS.